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From the beginning we have had a lofty and ambitious goal: to make world-class beers. We are passionate beer lovers, committed to producing beers that people will enjoy and love just as much as we do!
  • Source of inspiration

    The blue monkeys painted on the walls of Akrotiri on the Greek island of Santorini are some of the many animals found in the frescoes of this 3.600-year-old city. Historians have studied the murals for decades since they were unearthed in the 1960s and 1970s on the famous Greek island. The most recent finding is the realization that the Bronze Age world was much more globalized than previously thought.


    The images of these exotic and playful animals were the source of our inspiration for our new beer: the Blue Monkey beer.

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  • DIAMOND LAGER Malt 'N Marvel Lager series
    ALC: 4,5% Vol / EBC: 8 / IBU: 34
    This bright lager gives off moderate but sheer herbal and blossom aromas. It is a dry, balanced, crisp and focused beer. Dry hop: Saphir
  • REVIVAL LAGER Malt 'N Marvel Lager series
    ALC: 5% Vol / EBC: 7 / IBU: 11
    An unfiltered German-inspired lager crispy beer with citrusy and floral character, derived from hops Cascade και Hallertau Blanc. It has light body and a discreet bitterness. Dry hop: Hallertau Blanc
  • HOPPY POPPY Malt 'N Marvel Lager series
    ALC: 5.5 Vol / EBC: 6 / IBU: 18
    An unfiltered New world-inspired lager crispy beer with citrusy, blossom and winey character, light body and a refreshing bitterness. The wonderful taste and aroma comes from the hops Nelson Sauvin and Cascade. Dry hop: Nelson Sauvin & Amarillo
  • NEW ENGLAND PALE ALE Malt 'N Marvel Hoppy series
    ALC: 6% Vol / EBC: 9 / IBU: 30
    This is a blonde slightly hazy fresh beer. It has an intense aromatic character of fully matured tropical and stone fruits. Off dry a creamy texture, high flavor intensities and overall balance. Dry hop: Azacca & El dorado
  • TOMATO GOSE Malt 'N Marvel Fruits & Herbs series
    ALC 4.5 % EBC: 38, IBU: 2,7
    Red hibiscus flower's sweetness complements bold Santorini tomatoes. Pink peppercorns add sweet-spicy juniper and liquorice aromas, leaving a peppery sensation. Dry basil enhances the herbal touch, balancing perfectly with light lactobacillus acidity. Discreet saltiness blends mild minerality with medium body and refreshing Tomato Gose aftertaste.
  • LEMONEISS Malt 'N Marvel Fruits & Herbs series
    ALC: 5 % Vol / EBC: 6 / IBU: 7.5
    Lemoneiss is a medium body Wit ale with coriander for an extra spicy character. The citrusy and floral flavours come from orange and lemon zest supported by the synergy of the Lemondrop hop. Dry hop: Lemondrop
  • SOUR PASSION Malt 'N Marvel Fruits & Herbs series
    ALC: 4,5 % Vol / EBC: 5 / IBU: 5
    It is a Sour Ale beer with medium body. It has a crispy and refreshing taste of passion fruit and citrus. The passion fruit enforces the direct personality of the beer and balances the high acidity and the hops. Dry hop: Citra, Galaxy & Mosaic
  • RASPBERRY PORTER Malt 'N Marvel Fruits & Herbs series
    ALC: 5% Vol / EBC: 70 / IBU: 17
    It is a top-fermenting black ale , enriched with raspberry fruit. It offers a unique balance between sweetness and acidity from the base malts and the raspberries. The full flavor drives to an intense aftertaste topped with chocolate, toffee and berries taste.
  • HIBISCUS SAISON Malt 'N Marvel Fruits & Herbs series
    ALC: 5% Vol / EBC: 4.8 / IBU: 6
    This Hibiscus Saison is a sour Saison brewed with hibiscus flowers and Santorinian lemon zest. Acidity and sweet notes of red fruits that derive from the hibiscus balance with the medium body and the refreshing citrucy aftertaste. Hops: Hallertau Blanc MALTED DRINK
  • ROSEMARY GOSE Malt 'N Marvel Fruits & Herbs series
    ALC: 3.8% Vol / EBC:4.2 / IBU: 4.5
    A slightly salty Herbs Gose brewed with rosemary, lemon verbena and Santorinian lemon peel. The fermentation of lactobacillus creates a sourness which balances perfectly with the medium body and the herbal notes. In aftertaste, citrucy flavours like lime and lemon linger in the mouth. Hops: Cascade MALTED DRINK
  • GRAPE STOUT Malt 'N Marvel Black series
    ALC: 7.5% EBC: 136 , IBU: 8
    Upon smelling this beer, you immediately discern the forthcoming flavors: notes of red and black forest fruits, along with chocolate/coffee aromas. The malt used imparts a dark chocolaty/caramel sensation complemented by the acidity derived from hibiscus addition and the grape marc from the Mavrotragano red grape variety, which remained in the tank throughout fermentation and maturation. Also, the red hues in the dark-colored foam in the glass cannot go unnoticed!
  • SALTY ROCK Malt 'N Marvel Black series
    ALC: 4.8% Vol / EBC: 68.4 / IBU: 17
    Salty Rock is a salty Caramel Stout brewed with salt, toasted and dark malts. Impressive mouthfeel, low alcohol with the notes of chocolate and toffee composing a delicious balance for every moment of the day. Contains lactose. Hops: Hallertauer Magnum MALTED DRINK
  • THE TWO PORTERS OF LIFE Malt 'N Marvel Black series
    ALC: 5% Vol / EBC: 70 / IBU: 17
    An opaque black beer with an intense and typical aromatic character with predominant roasted notes of chocolate and coffee. Dry and balanced with freshness and creamy texture which drive your taste to a prolonged toasty and roasty aftertaste.
  • The Brewing procedure

    As passionate brewers, we know that beer is widely considered to be the most complex fermented beverage in the world. It is both an expression of artistry and a measure of scientific prowess, both to be mastered if one seeks to brew a world-class beer.


    The fundamentals of beer production include malting, milling, mashing, lautering, boiling, fermenting, conditioning, filtering, and packaging. We follow our process with attention to the finest detail, using a state-of-the-art brewing production system.  


  • Environmental awareness and sustainability

    For all of us at FTELOS Brewery, how we deal with our facility's waste will always be an important consideration, especially regarding the waste created by our beer production. Beer waste refers to the byproducts of the beer making process (i.e. spent grains). As part of our company's stance on sustainability, all solid residues left over from grain processing (extraction of most sugars, proteins and nutrients) are turned into high-value carbon materials.

  • Beer and food pairing

    At FTELOS Brewery we have the aspiration to create unique beer and food pairings. Flavours, intensities, harmonies, contrast and complement, cleansing, temperature, setting, season, all play a critical part in our mission to deliver the perfect experience.


    For us, food and beer matching is a quest best approached with an open mind, in order to elevate it to a one-of-a-kind gastronomic indulgence.