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FTELOS Brewery began as a vision of a team of three passionate well-known businessmen in Santorini to create something truly unique: an inviting place, where every guest can taste exceptional beers, while at the same time enjoying a memorable brewing experience. Come and have a taste, our journey has just begun!
  • The story so far

    A team of passionate businessmen dreamt of creating a brewery that would provide its guests with a unique experience. With that vision in mind, they created a multi-purpose facility, under the name “FTELOS Brewery”, in Santorini. The name was inspired by the local name of the area, which means “ridge” in the island dialect. FTELOS Brewery has quickly become one of the Cyclades’ premier destinations.


    Located in Karterados, Santorini, a 4.800 sq. meters modern space (on a lot exceeding 7.200 sq. meters in total) seeks to provide the ultimate brewing, gastronomical and cultural experience!  At FTELOS Brewery you will find a beer-themed restaurant, several tapas bars and a roof-garden restaurant with an astonishing view of Santorini.

  • A memorable brewing experience

    FTELOS Brewery received the award for “Most Innovative Brewery” at the 2021 Nutrition Awards. Driven by our passion for brewing and committed to providing high-quality services, the new-born brewery quickly became the culinary game-changer in Santorini and beyond. Our mission is simple: to create world-class beers and provide a unique experience to every guest.


    FTELOS Brewery includes a themed restaurant and several tapas bars, where every guest can taste a variety of Mediterranean dishes and tapas, perfectly paired with the refreshing FTELOS beers. If you are a beer lover, then you will surely enjoy the fun and educational tour in our facilities, along with the beer tastings and meals, whilst taking pleasure of a dynamic art exhibition, a fragrant bioclimatic garden and, of course, a gift shop for your souvenirs!


    FTELOS Brewery is an experience that any beer aficionado should not miss!

  • Our facilities

    Dedicated to the art of brewing beer, we are committed to pushing the boundaries of what is considered possible. Great beer starts with great water and as we all know, Santorini has no sources of natural drinking water, therefore we have adopted a top-quality water filtration system of reverse osmosis in order to control and purify it. We also control the carbonization and the ion levels, the total alkalinity, as well as the odors, thus raising the pH of both mash and beer.


    Part of our continuously evolving production unit is a central brewery, a microbrewery where we test-out new flavors, an R&D department, a budding barrel aging program, maturation and fermentation tanks and, of course, a cellar. Our guests can dive into the world of brewing in our guided tours.

  • One of the largest bioclimatic gardens

    At FTELOS Brewery we created one of the largest bioclimatic gardens, as an integral part of our facilities' exterior design. A one-of-a-kind, innovative eco-system which includes old and rare trees, carefully imported from several parts of the world. Our garden procides a comfortable microclimate inside and outside the brewery for everyone to enjoy.


    Walking through the garden is a unique experience: the perfumes and colors of Mediterranean flora welcome every guest to enjoy a refreshing beer cocktail in the comfort of this natural wonder.

  • Minimal ecological footprint

    For all of us at FTELOS Brewery, how we deal with our facility's waste will always be an important consideration, especially regarding the waste created by our beer production. Beer waste refers to the byproducts of the beer making process (i.e. spent grains). As part of our company's stance on sustainability, all solid residues left over from grain processing (extraction of most sugars, proteins and nutrients) are turned into high-value carbon materials. We are proud to be among a few industries that have implemented our own biological sewage treatment system.


    Furthermore, electricity, equipment, freight, fermentation and packaging are all elements that we strictly monitor and limit, in order to reduce as much as possible our overall ecological footprint.  Our low carbon footprint plans include turning organic waste into biomass, a main goal we plan to achieve.

  • Commitment to accessibility

    We believe in the equality of people. As such, accessibility is of paramount importance to us and consistent with the values we hold dear, such as independence, dignity, integration and equal opportunity for all. To accomplish this, our premises are designed to be free of any barriers to people with limited mobility, ensuring that everyone gets the best experience possible when visiting our brewery. 


    At FTELOS Brewery, people with disabilities have full access to all of our tours, facilities, restaurants, tapas bars, roof garden and all other spaces open to the public, so that everyone can feel welcome.

  • A passion for Mediterranean taste

    We created a magnetic restaurant ambience, inspired by the Mediterranean culture and cuisine, aiming to delight and satisfy our every guest. From tasty tapas to gourmet meals, we are here to indulge your senses, using only the finest local produce! Step inside for an elegant dinner at our beer-themed restaurant or a quick bite at our tapas bars, in a safe, Covid-free environment.


    At FTELOS Brewery our chefs create unique dishes that are best enjoyed paired with our exclusive beers. Our menu is diverse and we like to pride ourselves on serving food that surprises pleasantly with originality, but also pleases the palate! Our culinary mission is simple: high quality food to compliment high-quality beers. We are looking forward to serving you!

  • Gift Shop

    Whether you are searching for the perfect souvenir or you just want to treat yourself to something special, a visit to our boutique gift shop is a must! FTELOS gift shop offers unique gifts, tailor-made for beer lovers - ideal to commemorate your visit or take home to a loved one!


    With handcrafted goods from local artisans, beer limited edition packages, kitchen accessories, serving platters, home décor and  souvenir clothing, FTELOS gift shop is the ideal, one-stop shop for all your gift-shopping needs!

  • Events

    The best memories are made when you combine great people with great food and in our case, great beer as well! We strongly believe that sharing food and drink is one of the best ways to help build community and bring people together. This is why we have scheduled a complete year-round calendar, full of activities and events, including but not limited to: musical performances, art exhibitions and much more, open and available to any beer lover!


    All our facilities (beer-themed restaurant, tapas bars and roof garden) are available for your own private events, including corporate meetings and wedding venues. Whether you'd like to host a private party or schedule a corporate event, our team of professionals is ready to serve! We are here to help and provide you with everything you need to host a wonderful event.

  • Making a world-class beer

    Our passion for the art of brewing and our dedication to quality were the two factors that led us to create our world-class beers. With flavors ranging from classic to contemporary and brews that push beyond previously set boundaries, we are certain you will find a FTELOS beer that excites you! We also take pride in our exceptional and diverse menu, with dishes that pair perfectly with our beers!  At FTELOS Brewery we offer two ways to taste our beers: making a reservation and enjoying them in the comfort of our restaurant or tapas bars or taking part in one of our guided brewery tours.


    Our signature beer is the Blue Monkey. A hip and adventurous beer with strong personality, inspired by the frescoes discovered in the famous Akrotiri archaeological site, on the south point of Santorini. Balanced, blond, aromatic, the full range of Blue Monkey beers has come to conquer the world, available at multiple other locations in Santorini and elsewhere! If you would like to place a bulk order for your establishment, please contact us directly.

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